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News Corp. in Advanced Talks With Facebook on Subscriptions

News Corp., publisher of the Wall Street Journal and the Times of London, is holding “very advanced” discussions with Facebook about subscriptions to its content online, CEO Officer Robert Thomson said. “I’ve been talking with Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg, exchanging thoughts, on how important it is that the value of content …

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An Odd Soccer Field and Public Pay Phones Win Design Prizes

Two emerging markets—Thailand and Colombia—won their first Grand Prix awards at the main Cannes Lions festival, the first for an unusually-shaped soccer field and the second for repurposing old-fashioned public telephones to bring financial services to the poorest Colombians. WHAT IT IS: Property development company AP Thailand won the Design …

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HotelTonight to New York: Get a Room!

If you are looking for a one-night stand, HotelTonight wants your business — and is not embarrassed to say it. Flush with new marketing dollars, the hotel room booking app is running an outdoor campaign targeting local and regional residents in the New York City area rather than long-distance travelers. …

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The Death of Creative Excellence

In the dim and distant past, a friend of mine worked as a psychologist at a notoriously tough jail in Scotland. In an attempt to lighten the grim atmosphere of the lifers’ wing, the warden decided to hang prints of classic paintings in the common areas there. This action had …

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