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Download Minecraft: Pocket Edition APK

Minecraft, I’m pretty sure you’ve heard about it or you have seen a Minecraft-related video on Youtube’s home. Probably you still don’t understand what’s the point with that POV pixelated game. However, when a legion of fans and hard-players back it, that’s because there’s something worthy behind.

Minecraft is about free will. Do whatever you want, do it yourself and, above all, do it your way. This is about planning, crafting, building, managing and evolving. A game that doesn’t fit living-in-the-present minds. Minecraft is a long-term gaming project. If you feel lazy even to start, you better drop it. There are thousand of timekillers out there.

Use blocks to create masterpieces, amazing cities or fortress, dark dungeons or islands. Hangout with friends, create beautiful landscapes… endless possibilities. Minecraft for Android allows desktop users to keep building on the go.

This is the full version which unlocks all the restricted features in the demo version. Besides randomly generated worlds, multiplayer over a local wifi network and survival and creative modes, this version comes with cook feature, different weapons, chests, skeletons, spiders and many other enemies, beds, paintings and all you need to create the world you’ve dreamed of.