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Print Topples the Confederacy

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The Economist takes on Trump. Again.
The Economist takes on Trump. Again.  Credit: The Economist

Who said print is dead? In the latest salvo against President Trump’s moral bankruptcy, Time and the Eocnomist, which, along with other publications, have turned their covers into the pop-art conscious of the anti-Trump resistance, have produced two more powerful images.

This time around, they took on Trump’s most recent toss of red meat to the alt-right: his racist position that those who marched against the white supremacists in Charlottesville last Saturday were equally at fault for the resulting violence and death.

The Eonomist, which has been merciless with its Trump coverage, pushed back fast.

“[Trump’s] unsteady response contains a terrible message for Americans,” the piece notes. “Far from being the saviour of the Republic, their president is politically inept, morally barren and temperamentally unfit for office.”

Time magazine also went for the juglar.

“Having long petted and pampered the demons of racial politics, President Trump should have known his response would get maximum attention,” reads the article.

The Time cover was created by artist Edel Rodriguez, whose iconic images have been published in publications including Mother Jones, Politico and Der Spiegel.

And this one, from 2016, is clear proof that voters knew exactly what they were getting when they put Trump into office.

An unsubtle foil, it seems, calls for unsubtle coverage.

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