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Machine Learning Is Helping Martech Lead the AI Revolution

Artificial intelligence gets a lot of press (thanks, Elon), but the fact is, AI couldn’t be the rockstar it is without the behind-the-scenes help of machine learning (ML). While the two are closely related, there’s a critical difference between AI and ML: AI makes decisions, while ML makes predictions. Think …

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Traffic Authentication: The Most Nettlesome Issue in Ad Tech

Unless you have been living under a digital rock, the mounting outrage about fake impressions is quickening, commensurate with a deepening understanding of ad tech fraud among advertisers. Recently, Forrester confirmed advertisers’ suspiscions in a study titled “The End of Advertising As We Know It.” In it, the analyst firm …

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A Seismic Shift Is Underway in Ad Tech

It’s time for ad tech to take responsibility. Even as ad tech players gear up to yet again take over Yacht Row at the Cannes ad festival and anticipate talking shop over glasses of rosé, they need to recognize the tone is going to be very different than when they …

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