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There is a place in southern Italy-Tuscany

It is the birthplace of the Renaissance, Italy, the cradle of civilization, is a place where so many people love at first sight, or people willing to live a life, even willing to sleep in that place, also with Provence jointly known as the “closest Room paradise place “, it is called Tuscany.

2016-01-16_151512You actually really hard to believe there is a place in the world, like a canvas hung on the castle scenery, vividly came eyes. As if the dream of paradise, so quiet, so perfect. As if time were still in general.

Spring green, summer color, golden autumn, and winter brown, Tuscany is the nature of a palette, changing the seasons bring up different colors.

I believe you just come here, there will be an idea that is “really want to live here,” do not want to leave!