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Your work is important to you in your life?

work is an important way to achieve our values. However, why is work important in our life?

Firstly, work is the only way for us to satisfy our basic needs. In order to get food, clothes and other living conditions to live happily, we have to work hard. In this aspect, work is a natural responsibility for us, for our families. But usually, those who just consider work as a kind of responsibility regard work as a heavy burden in their life and they will feel really tired after a period of time, even some of which will choose to renounce the responsibility they have.Therefore, work must have other positive meanings in deeper respect.

In addition, I strongly feel in these days that work is an important way to achieve ourselves. Just as Maslow says that human has five needs: physiological needs, safety needs, love and belonging, esteem, self-actualization and self-transcendence. In my opinion, work is relative to the higher hierarchy of needs. We always need to achieve our value and worth to gain esteem or recognition from others by some ways, especially by work.  I think it is easy to appear in the younger those who have some mature thoughts, so that most teenagers will try their best to get rid of their parents’ care to make a living by themselves. In this aspect, working is not only a way to make a living, but also a way for us to achieve ourselves. In other words, working can bring satisfaction to us in spiritual.

So, work in life is very important. As an adult, I did not work and you will be bored, even decadent. This is also reflected in an important way to value your life, for a better future and fight!